Transportation and Access in Shiga Prefecture

Access to Shiga and Transportation Infrastructure

Shiga Prefecture is highly accessible, with well-developed major transportation infrastructure. Access from the capital region and other cities is excellent, and the main modes of transportation and access information include:

  • Tokaido Shinkansen: Stations like Shin-Osaka and Maibara in Shiga Prefecture offer smooth access from Tokyo, enabling efficient travel to Shiga via the Shinkansen.
  • Highways: Major highways such as the Meishin Expressway and the Chuo Expressway run through Shiga Prefecture, providing easy access by car.
  • Airports: The Kansai region includes Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport, both offering numerous domestic and international flights. Access to Shiga from these airports is also convenient.

Using Public Transportation and Route Guidance

Shiga Prefecture boasts an extensive public transportation system, and here are the main transportation modes and their routes:

  • Railways: Lines such as the JR Kosei Line, Biwako Line, and Tokaido Main Line cover Shiga Prefecture, offering train access to various areas including major cities like Otsu and Hikone.
  • Buses: There are many bus routes in the prefecture, with city and regional buses in operation. Buses can be used for accessing tourist spots or for commuting.
  • Boats: Around Lake Biwa, boats are also a mode of transportation, allowing travel with scenic lake views.

Traveling by Car and Parking Information

Information on accessing by car and tips regarding parking are as follows:

  • Rental Cars: There are many rental car services in Shiga Prefecture, convenient for tourism and travel. Rental car offices are located near tourist spots and major stations.
  • Parking: While there are parking facilities at tourist locations and commercial facilities in Shiga Prefecture, it’s advisable to check parking information in advance due to potential congestion. Be mindful of parking fees and time limits as well.

Guidance on Using Rental Bicycles and Shuttle Buses

In Shiga Prefecture, cycling tourism is popular, with rental bicycle services available at many tourist spots and near stations. Cycling allows you to enjoy nature while experiencing local culture and scenery up close. Shuttle buses are also available for accessing tourist destinations, offering convenient services for tourists. Consider these options as modes of transportation when traveling in Shiga Prefecture.

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