Buying Guide

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to purchasing property in Shiga.
Our aim is to make the buying process as smooth and transparent as possible for our international clients.
Here’s what you need to know to navigate the market confidently

Market Research & Information Gathering

Collect the latest data and trends about the real estate market in Shiga Prefecture. This includes trends in property prices, popular districts, supply situations, and future market forecasts. Understand characteristics of each area and price ranges for different types of properties to provide information necessary for purchasing decisions.

Budget Planning

Set a budget for purchase and remodeling. Explore financing options for foreigners, including bank loans, financing from international financial institutions, or personal funding sources. Consider the impact of exchange rates and fees for international transfers to formulate a comprehensive financial plan.

Property Selection

Use English-speaking real estate agents or websites to search for properties that meet your criteria. Consider property type, location, price range, and future asset value prospects, and evaluate benefits and constraints for foreigners. Understand the characteristics of the Japanese real estate market and support property selection suitable for foreigners.

On-site Property Inspection

Check the actual condition, location, and neighborhood environment of the property from a foreign perspective. Assess in detail the scope and cost of renovations needed for remodeling, as well as feasibility. Take into consideration the unique features of Japanese homes and construction standards, supporting property selection focused on safety and comfort.

Remodeling Plan Consideration

Collaborate with English-speaking remodeling companies to develop a remodeling plan tailored to your cultural background and lifestyle. This includes renovations considering interior design, functionality enhancement, and adaptability to the environment. Also, propose remodeling in line with Japanese building regulations and local culture, realizing the optimal remodeling plan tailored to the needs of foreign clients.

Purchase Procedures

Verify contract contents in detail in English, explaining legal requirements and tax systems specific to foreigners. Clarify the flow of real estate transactions, necessary documents, and payment schedules to support a transparent and secure transaction. Also, explain potential issues or questions that foreigners might face in advance to deepen understanding.

Legal Procedures

Provide support for legal procedures such as real estate registration and transfer of ownership. Offer expert advice on international taxation and legal applications. Resolve complexities of real estate transactions in Japan through legal support for foreigners. Also, explain Japan-specific legal regulations and procedural differences to aid the client’s understanding.

Starting Remodeling Work

Regularly report the progress and schedule of the remodeling work in English to ensure transparency of the project. Perform customized remodeling that reflects the client’s cultural needs and preferences. Emphasize quality control of work, completion within the timeframe, and construction within the budget to secure client trust.

Handover and Inspection

After the remodeling is complete, conduct the property handover and quality inspection. Ensure compliance with international standards and make final adjustments as needed. Guarantee the functionality and safety of the property, supporting the client to transition confidently into their new home.

Moving In

Provide moving-in support tailored to the unique needs of foreigners. Introduce necessary information for life in a new country, ways to participate in local communities, and services useful for daily life, helping with the adjustment and preparation for post-relocation life.

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