Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can foreigners buy real estate in Japan?

Foreigners can buy real estate in Japan. Our company deals with properties in Shiga Prefecture and offers support regardless of nationality.

Is a residence visa required to purchase real estate in Japan?

No special residence visa is required for real estate purchase. We provide full support to foreigners considering buying in Shiga Prefecture.

What are the tax implications of buying real estate in Japan?

Taxes such as registration and license tax, and real estate acquisition tax apply. We explain the details of taxes for properties in Japan.

I want to live in a property that incorporates elements of my own culture. Is it possible to remodel?

In Japan, it is entirely feasible to create a living environment that incorporates elements of your own culture through remodeling. There are experts who can handle a variety of designs and architectural styles, enabling them to propose remodeling plans that suit your cultural needs and preferences. Options are varied, ranging from Western-style kitchens, Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats, to interiors that incorporate design elements from specific countries.

I’m not sure how to judge the quality of a property. Is it possible to receive professional advice?

When judging the quality of a property, various elements need to be considered, including the structure of the property, location, neighborhood environment, future value, and legal issues. As real estate professionals, we provide comprehensive evaluation of these factors to support you in choosing the best property. We also collaborate with experts who conduct property inspections and evaluations, allowing us to provide objective and detailed information.

What are the fees involved in purchasing real estate in Japan?

Fees vary depending on the property price and services, but we explain them to our customers with transparency.

Are there financing options available for purchasing real estate in Japan?

Financing options through Japanese financial institutions are available. We introduce suitable loan plans to our foreign customers.

What is the current state of the real estate market in Japan?

The real estate market in Japan shows different trends between major urban areas and regional areas. In major cities like Tokyo and Osaka, high demand and limited land in urban areas have kept real estate prices at a high level. The real estate market in Shiga Prefecture remains popular due to its natural environment and relatively stable economic conditions. Properties around Lake Biwa, in particular, continue to be in high demand due to the desirable living environment, maintaining stable prices. Shiga is also attractive due to its accessibility to Kyoto and Osaka, making it one of the desired areas to live in.

What is the process for purchasing real estate in Japan?

We support the entire process from property selection, contracting, to registration. We focus on transparent transactions.

Which areas are popular for real estate purchases in Japan?

In Japan’s real estate market, urban areas, particularly Tokyo and Osaka, are highly popular. These cities, as centers of economic activity, consistently have high demand. They offer abundant business opportunities, convenient transportation, and a variety of lifestyles, making them attractive living destinations for many.

Conversely, for those seeking rich natural environments and comfortable living conditions, Shiga Prefecture is an area worth special attention. Located in an accessible position to charming cities like Kyoto and Osaka, Shiga maintains a rich natural environment. The area around Lake Biwa, in particular, is highly popular as a housing choice due to its beautiful scenery and tranquil lifestyle. Furthermore, Shiga is also rich in historical towns and cultural appeal, making it suitable for buyers who value cultural experiences.

What is the role of real estate agents in property transactions in Japan?

Real estate agents assist in property introduction, contract support, and legal procedures. Our company offers services specialized in Shiga Prefecture.

Are there earthquake or disaster risks to consider when buying real estate in Japan?

Japan is prone to earthquakes, but Shiga Prefecture has relatively low earthquake risks. Safety is an important factor in choosing real estate.

How are taxes and fees calculated after purchasing real estate in Japan?

Taxes after purchase include property tax and urban planning tax. We clearly explain these details to our customers.

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