Recommended Tourist Spots and Local Events in Shiga

The Charm of Lake Biwa: Relaxation and Activities by the Water

One of Shiga Prefecture’s greatest attractions is Lake Biwa. This large lake is known for its beautiful scenery and a variety of enjoyable activities. Whether it’s unwinding by the lakeside, exploring the lake by boat or canoe, or enjoying a picnic in a lakeside park, the relaxation and activities at Lake Biwa are enticing. There are also fantastic cycling paths along the lake, offering the chance to enjoy activities amidst nature.

Year-Round Fun Events: Seasonal Festivals in Shiga

Shiga Prefecture hosts many enjoyable events and festivals each season. Spring brings cherry blossom festivals and Kotobuki festivals, summer offers fireworks and lake events, autumn is marked by harvest festivals and cultural fairs, and winter features illumination events. These events provide opportunities to experience local culture and traditions, making for wonderful times in Shiga.

Hidden Tourist Spots: Discovering Local Charms

Shiga Prefecture is home to many hidden tourist spots that may not be well-known. For example, there are beautiful gardens, temples, ancient historical sites, and scenic mountain areas worth visiting. Gathering insider tips from locals and exploring Shiga’s local charms can be a rewarding experience.

Local Flavors and Shopping: Shiga’s Culinary Culture and Souvenirs

Shiga is known for its delicious culinary culture, offering an opportunity to savor local flavors. Delicacies like Omi beef, funazushi (fermented crucian carp sushi), and lake fish cuisine are highlights of Shiga’s dining scene. Souvenir shopping is also an enjoyable activity. You can find Shiga’s local specialties, crafts, and traditional souvenirs to bring a piece of Shiga’s charm back home.

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