Outdoor Activities Utilizing Shiga’s Natural Beauty

Beautiful Lakes of Shiga and Water Activities

Shiga Prefecture, centered around Lake Biwa, boasts beautiful lakes perfect for various water activities. These lakes are ideal for enjoying canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding. Additionally, the area around Lake Biwa has beaches and parks, great for spending enjoyable moments with family and friends.

Hiking and Camping in Shiga’s Mountainous Areas

Shiga Prefecture is rich in mountainous terrain, offering numerous spots for hiking and camping. The mountains around Hieizan and Omi-Otsu City, in particular, are known for their beautiful natural landscapes, attracting outdoor enthusiasts for trekking and camping. You can spend active time while enjoying the beauty of nature in every season.

Cycling Routes for Bicycle Enthusiasts

Shiga Prefecture is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. The region is convenient for cycling, with many well-maintained cycling routes. Enjoy nature at your own pace on cycling roads around Lake Biwa or through picturesque countryside routes. With available rental bicycles, it’s easy for everyone to enjoy cycling.

The Joy of Nature Observation and Bird Watching

One of the outdoor activities that take advantage of Shiga’s nature is nature observation and bird watching. The areas around Lake Biwa and various wetlands are habitats for many birds, making them a haven for bird watchers. Observing birds throughout the seasons allows you to feel in harmony with nature. Additionally, nature observation offers an opportunity to learn about Shiga’s rich ecosystem.

Outdoor activities in Shiga Prefecture provide attractive options to actively enjoy and immerse in its beautiful natural environment. Experience the changing landscapes and joys of nature, and enjoy an outdoor life in harmony with the beauty of Shiga.

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