Embracing a New Life with the History and Culture of Shiga

The Historic Charm of Shiga: A Legacy of Ancient Cultures

Shiga Prefecture boasts a rich heritage deeply rooted in Japanese history and culture. Relocating to this beautiful region opens up opportunities to deeply understand and experience Japan’s history and culture from ancient times. Around Lake Biwa, there are ancient sites dating back to the Nara period, making it an attractive spot for history enthusiasts. Shiga is also home to many temples and shrines, offering abundant opportunities to engage with Japan’s religion and spirituality.

Cultural Experiences: Traditional Crafts and Art in Shiga

Shiga Prefecture offers wonderful opportunities to engage with traditional crafts and art. Pottery, dyeing, and bamboo crafts, Shiga’s traditional handicrafts are known for their beauty and uniqueness, and you can learn about their production processes in local workshops. There are also many art galleries and artists’ studios scattered throughout Shiga, providing ample opportunities to immerse yourself in the world of art. In your new life, you can engage with Shiga’s culture and even participate in the creation of art and crafts.

The Joy of Town Walking: Historic Sites and Townscapes

Shiga Prefecture is home to numerous historic sites, making town walking a delightful activity. Hikone Castle in Hikone City and Nagahama Castle in Nagahama City are known as Edo-period constructions, and their beauty and historical value are well worth the visit. The townscape of Shiga, including Omihachiman and Otsu City, is also attractive, allowing you to enjoy traditional Japanese scenery as you stroll through historic buildings and streets.

Local Events and Cultural Festivals: Opportunities to Participate in Shiga’s Culture

Throughout the year, many local events and cultural festivals are held in Shiga Prefecture. These events are great opportunities to experience local traditions and festivals and interact with local residents. For example, there are various attractive events like the Otsu Festival and the Hikonyan Festival in Hikone, each offering unique local charm. Participating in Shiga’s culture will make your new life richer and more enjoyable.

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