Attractive Japanese Areas Easily Accessible from Shiga


The first area to mention for its easy accessibility from Shiga is Kyoto. Traveling from Shiga to Kyoto is very convenient, with options like express trains and buses. Kyoto is a city rich in Japanese history and culture, captivating visitors with numerous temples, shrines, and traditional buildings. Here, you can experience Japan’s traditional tea ceremony and kimono culture, enjoy beautiful gardens, and partake in festivals. It’s possible to make a day trip from Shiga, offering a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese history and culture.


Another attractive area easily accessible from Shiga is Osaka. As a central city in the Kansai region, Osaka is easily reached from Shiga by Shinkansen or express train. Known as the center of business, entertainment, and shopping in Japan, Osaka also has a modern side. The city is rich in delicious food culture, where you can enjoy famous gourmet dishes and street food. Attractions like Osaka Castle and Universal Studios Japan add to its appeal.


Nagoya is also an attractive destination easily accessible from Shiga. Traveling from Shiga to Nagoya is smooth via express train or Shinkansen, with Nagoya being the central city of the Chubu region. Nagoya has developed as a modern business district with high-rise buildings and shopping malls. There are also tourist attractions like Nagoya Castle and the Nagoya Port Aquarium. Additionally, Nagoya offers a unique culinary culture with delicacies like miso katsu and miso-nikomi udon.


Tokyo is another charming Japanese area easily accessible from Shiga. With the Shinkansen or express train, travel from Shiga to Tokyo is very convenient. As the capital of Japan, Tokyo is an international city with numerous tourist attractions and cultural facilities. There are a variety of sights, such as Tokyo Tower, Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, and Akihabara’s Electric Town. Tokyo is also a paradise for gourmets, offering cuisine from around the world. A day trip from Shiga to Tokyo is possible, allowing you to enjoy the urban charm and diversity.

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