Yamakawahara, Aisho Town, Echi County, Shiga

Property Highlights

Aisho Town is located in the eastern part of Lake Biwa in the Koto region, and was created in 2006 through the merger of the former Hadasou Town and the former Aichigawa Town. Blessed with abundant fresh water from the Suzuka Mountains and nature, the town has long had a close relationship with water, and this beautiful natural environment has led to the development of various industries, including agriculture. The town is also an important transportation hub, with National Route 307 and the Meishin Expressway in the eastern part of the town, and the Nakasendo Road and National Route 8 in the western part, traversing the area from north to south. The town has a long history as the center of the region, with Kongorinji Temple, one of the three mountains of Koto, and Aichigawa-juku, which flourished as the 65th post station on the Nakasendo Road, as well as the county government office and police station, which were established in the Meiji era, and the Omi Railway line. In addition, local specialties and crafts such as “Hatasou no yam,” “Omi Kamifu,” and “Binzaiku Temari,” which take advantage of the rich bounty of the natural environment, have been handed down to the present, along with traditional techniques.

Property Overview

Property TypePre-owned Single Family Home
LocationYamakawahara, Aisho Town, Aichi County, Shiga Prefecture
Land Area222㎡
Building Area


Features and Attractions

  • Building is in disrepair and needs repairs.
  • Please join the homeowners association.
  • The property is in need of public sewer.

Additional Details

  • Bedrooms: –
  • Living Room: –
  • Dining Room: –
  • Kitchen: –
  • Bathrooms: –
  • Toilets: –
  • Garage/Parking Spaces: –
  • Storage Spaces: –

Price and Inquiries

8,000,000 yen

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